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So, some new geocaches have been published. Mystery caches again. You are probably happy that another idiot is polluting the Brno map with this blue plague, right? ;) You don't have to worry... This time it is so easy that even an average monkey could solve this.
So let's get to the point. This geocache is part of a series with working name "\m/_(>_<)_\m/" which is an emoticon, representing a headbanging metalhead. Yes, these geocaches are dedicated to this music genre. But don't expect anything brutal as the caches in this series are dedicated to particular less-known bands, playing melodic subgenres of Metal. For example Power Metal :)
The main reason why I create these geocaches is that in the last few years I have met many people who like such music but they hadn't known that such music even exists before I told them. Under the term "Metal" it is possible to imagine many things and not everyone knows that there are also such bands as Dragonforce, Stratovarius or Rhapsody of Fire.
The number of geocaches in this series is not fixed. The geocaches will just rise like mushrooms after a heavy rain and after every 5 caches there should be a Bonus geocache as well. Probably all of the geocaches will be Mystery Caches. Because I don't like mystery caches either, I don't have a problem with cachers finding the geocache without solving. Therefore, gcfinálky = your choice. The assignment of the mystery cache should be straightforward and there will always be a geochecker for the final coordinates (and in the case that the final has been moved, there will be offset to calculate new coordinates from the old final). The places where these geocaches are hidden will most likely be totally unrelated to the solution and the quality of the cache boxes will not be good enough for Tišnov but I will do my best to make them at least a bit better than average ;) So, keep calm and keep on headbanging! \m/

Ancient Bards is a band from the Italian city Rimini. Currently it has 6 members:

Sara Squadrani - vocals
Fabio Balducci - guitar
Martino Garattoni - bass
Claudio Pietronik - guitar
Daniele Mazza - keyboard
Federico Gatti - percussions

The music they play can be described as Epic Symphonic Melodic Fantasy Power Metal. Maybe the name of the genre sounds like a magic spell to you. Well, that's almost true. The music of Ancient Bards is very fast and melodic Power Metal, accompanied with a keyboard-based symphonic orchestra and very rich vocal choirs. Main vocals are done by Sara Squadrani.



Type Album name


Demo Trailer of the Black Crystal Sword Saga


Full-length The Alliance of the Kings


Full-length Soulless Child

The lyrics on all albums that Ancient Bards have released tell a whole concept story inspired by fantasy literature and Japanese stories in the vein of Final Fantasy.
The story takes place in a world known as Lastworld where four rulers rule - Daltor, king of the West, Alron - prince of the North, Rahed - king of elves and Shena - queen of ice. Each of them owns one of the four magic weapons. Together, these four weapons are the key to obtaining the enchanted sword made of black crystal. This sword should bring immortality, endless power and knowledge of all magic to the one who shall touch it.
The sword has been hidden in the Dark Cave in the land of Noland by the rulers of Lastworld and under the veil of darkness it is guarded by two dragons. The story begins when a stranger named Dorus comes to the western kingdom where he announces to Daltor that the evil wizard Sendor intends to obtain the Black Crystal Sword and conquer Lastworld. You can find out how the story continues by listening to the music yourself, which you can do while solving this geocache.

So now the solution. Assignment is quite easy. You have to download an archive, containing 9 samples of songs by Ancient Bards, named as letters A to I. All the samples come from the full-length albums, so you can ignore the Demo. Your task is to choose the correct name of each song and use the numerical value from brackets as the letter's value. Each of the songs is used only once in the samples.
There are several ways how to find out which song is which. You can for example get all albums from Ancient Bards (with a patch over an eye and a bottle of rum in your hand) and listen to them. Or you can try faster way and use Encyclopaedia Metallum, your ears and your ability to understand English or Italian. In this case you might want to use some of the useful links at the end of this listing. There are surely another ways how to solve this cache, but that is up to you to find out :)

Download the archive here: Direct download or Ulozto.net


To the Master of Darkness (A=1)
Gates of Noland (A=2)
Lode al Padre (A=3)


Broken Illusion (B=1)
Soulless Child (B=3)
Daltor the Dragonhunter (B=6)


The Birth of Evil (C=2)
Broken Illusion (C=6)
To the Master of Darkness (C=7)


All That Is True (D=5)
The Birth of Evil (D=7)
Lode al Padre (D=9)


To the Master of Darkness (E=3)
Gates of Noland (E=5)
Daltor the Dragonhunter (E=8)


Soulless Child (F=2)
All That Is True (F=5)
Gates of Noland (F=9)


The Birth of Evil (G=2)
Broken Illusion (G=7)
Lode al Padre (G=9)


Daltor the Dragonhunter (H=1)
Soulless Child (H=5)
All That Is True (H=6)


The Skies Above (Final Fantasy X Zanarkand Theme) (I=1)
Gates of Noland (I=3)
Soulless Child (I=4)

Find the geocache here:
N49° AB.CDE E016° 3F.GHI

Final cachebox is less than 500 m away from the initial coordinates and if you are lucky, you might see a nice panoramatic view of surrounding hills :) If you have good imagination you can imagine that these are the mountains of Noland and somewhere over the horizon two dragons are guarding a sword.
On the back side of the geocache and on the first page of the logbook you can find a bonus indice! (It is only in Czech language so far but write it down anyway)

Useful links:
Official homepage of Ancient Bards
Ancient Bards @ Facebook
Official music video for The Birth of Evil
Official music video for To the Master of Darkness
Encyclopaedia Metallum - here you can find all important information about Metal bands, albums, songs. You will definitely need this website for solving some of the Metal geocaches :)
Metal Storm - online web portal with articles, reviews and useful information about bands, albums, etc.